Big Things

Me and you? Yeah, we’re going to do big things. You see the crescent moon up there ? We’re going to be sitting on its edge, watch the stars as they stage their nightly show. Big things, Because we were born with hearts that have walls that move, To make space for the sun and... Continue Reading →


A handwritten letter in 2013

5 years back, my family encountered a peculiar event. Believe or not, but we received a letter. Handwritten on what looked like pages torn from a notebook, with random blotches of ink, sealed in an envelope complete with a postage stamp. Yes, a letter in 2013. For a millennial child, receiving a letter by post... Continue Reading →

People Who Inspire Me: A series

My Dad Mr. Cool was what his friends would call him in his younger days, because he never, ever lost his cool. Dad remained calm in any situation he found himself in, it didn’t matter if he was being scorned or if someone on the road scratched the paint of his pristine baby, his Toyota... Continue Reading →

Polaroid heart

“What would I find if I could have a little peek into your heart?” She asked as she took pictures of me on her Polaroid. Half drunk, how does one answer such a question? She was unusual, yet here I was, staring straight into her eyes as I leaned in further, Gulped another sip of... Continue Reading →

A lullaby 

Hello child, Now you be kind, okay? You bring that injured kitten home even if mamma says no,  You take care of him and show him how to jump again... Cause you jump the highest, oh yes, I've watched you on that trampoline. And be hopeful, Spring is just around the corner, And you can... Continue Reading →

Mushy Old Love

Our love is icky and mucky, We got our fingers all messy so we tried to be careful. Now it's all over our hands and face, I tried to scratch my ear and I got some there too, Then He tried to wipe it off with his elbows and soon enough he had the muck... Continue Reading →


When he called me “love”, we time travelled across horizons and stopped in 1959. And there we were, at a drive in where the movie was not the only thing that entertained us! As I tried to brush away the popcorn crumbs that decked the floors of his 57’ Hudson Hornet, I asked him. What... Continue Reading →

Precious Girl

    Have you seen her eyes? Chiseled from saphire, blue. Have you seen them glow, even at love untrue? Have you seen her lips? Born of roses, red. Have you seen them blossom in monochrome autumns we dread? Precious eyes of saphire blue, They could sit on an emperor's crown, But have these eyes... Continue Reading →

Beer and Chai

I need something to wake me up she said,Same here he replied, As she poured herself some beer and him,  some chai.  Sunday mornings were made of such paradoxes. A perfect syntax of imperfect universes. For what fun is it to live in one world when you can juggle two?

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