The truth about being the “bigger person”

“Be the bigger person” The above line is a very common piece of advice given by your well-wishers when you’re down and out about an issue or an argument that you may have had with another person. I have been told this so many times and I believe in it too. There is so much... Continue Reading →


A lullaby 

Hello child, Now you be kind, okay? You bring that injured kitten home even if mamma says no,  You take care of him and show him how to jump again... Cause you jump the highest, oh yes, I've watched you on that trampoline. And be hopeful, Spring is just around the corner, And you can... Continue Reading →

Precious Girl

    Have you seen her eyes? Chiseled from saphire, blue. Have you seen them glow, even at love untrue? Have you seen her lips? Born of roses, red. Have you seen them blossom in monochrome autumns we dread? Precious eyes of saphire blue, They could sit on an emperor's crown, But have these eyes... Continue Reading →

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