When he called me “love”, we time travelled across horizons and stopped in 1959. And there we were, at a drive in where the movie was not the only thing that entertained us! As I tried to brush away the popcorn crumbs that decked the floors of his 57’ Hudson Hornet, I asked him. What... Continue Reading →


Precious Girl

    Have you seen her eyes? Chiseled from saphire, blue. Have you seen them glow, even at love untrue? Have you seen her lips? Born of roses, red. Have you seen them blossom in monochrome autumns we dread? Precious eyes of saphire blue, They could sit on an emperor's crown, But have these eyes... Continue Reading →

Maybe Next Christmas

A cup of coffee to replace my mother's hug, Eerie sound of winter chill takes the place of my father's cheer, No more baby brother's laughter to keep away all that's austere, Another christmas eve, tucked in bed,yet made to believe, that under a lit up sky, beneath the Christmas star, next christmas my family... Continue Reading →


Beer and Chai

I need something to wake me up she said,Same here he replied, As she poured herself some beer and him,  some chai.  Sunday mornings were made of such paradoxes. A perfect syntax of imperfect universes. For what fun is it to live in one world when you can juggle two?


Plain Old Love

So when love arrived, there weren't any sparks or the feeling of despair. No sting of bloody cigarette marks, no dearth of loving care. It wasn't a rollercoaster or something that bothered her at night, like a gentle breeze, he helped her calm her mind. The stars didn't seem to dance, nor did the sun... Continue Reading →


Temptations in the Ballroom

He didn't know what shone brighter, her eyes  Or the diamond studded wreath adorning her neck. He didn't know if he was in love with her mind, Or the silhouette of her curves. She was a storm, yet his saving grace. He was the runner, she was the winning race. Pause. Breathe. Stop running in... Continue Reading →


The Emperor’s Daughter

Watch her sleep, Cushioned in love, fluff and a purple velvet blanket. Gold linen curtains and an ivory canopy, filtering the room of nightmares, aiding her sacred slumber. The Emperor's daughter , sorrowful princess, velvet-clad. Beautiful as the sun, she was dawn's glory yet birthed hell's fire. Embrace her paradoxical charms, for she thrived on nothing... Continue Reading →


Just another one of Sarah Kay’s impactful poems: Love letter from a toothbrush to a Bicycle Tire

Sarah Kay has always been one of my favourite poets, making an impact through simplistic yet revolutionary story-telling. Thought I'd share one of my favourite pieces by her. Love Letter from Toothbrush to Bicycle Tire They told me that I was meant for the cleaner life, that you would drag me through the mud. They... Continue Reading →


Two little pools of honey

Out of the blue, Unanticipating and unforseen, I fell for you, And I never finished falling. Falling for,  Your smile, Your scars, How you think you're broken, How you let your heart open, To untold passions and secret dreams, Midnight stories and silent screams. Oh and how can I forget? The way I fell in... Continue Reading →


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