To the girl I saw sobbing on the bus


If you’ve just had a bad day that snowballed into the perfect disaster,


If you might have gotten your heart broken,

Whatever it might be, for now I wish I could tell you that you’re sitting in a spot of the bus where the sun is shining the brightest.

And if you’re on your way home, I hope you get to finally cry your heart out. Not the easiest thing I know, to bawl on a bus full of strangers. But once you’re done make yourself a cup of tea because I can’t remember a single thing that a cup of tea has not fixed in my life. Temporarily at least.

And when you finally get on the bus again tomorrow. Remember to pick a seat like you did the last. One where the sun shines the brightest. It’s the best seat in early January and it’s where you’re meant to be.

In the light, in the warmth, in the hope that today is going to be the day that makes you forget about the tears you shed yesterday.


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