Model no. 2019: Review

With an extension on the perseverance scale and a larger capacity to trust, the brand new Aurene model no. 2019 has made her debut late Tuesday afternoon after the sun shone too bright through her curtains.

Model no. 2019 has a brand new GPS system and an inbuilt tracker, which ensures she will never get lost and will always find her way home. She is also hate proof and anxiety resistant. Her redesigned time-management processor ensures she submits all her assignments well before the deadlines.

This new version retains all the goodness of the 2018 version with a few added features minus a few bugs. The 2019 model now has longer hair and a heightened tolerance for cold weather.  She also comes with a lifetime warranty on her love however; with an additional cost of just one slice of cheesecake, she will write you a poem.

This model however has failed to impress with her sense of humour and it seems like a long time until programmers finally fix this bug. We hope that model no. 2020 will bring us an update on that front. We were also expecting to see model no. 2019 with a higher capacity for memory however, she continues to forget her friends’ birthdays.

When it comes to design, this version wears her natural hair more often and requires less need of her straightener. She also has an update on her makeup skills and can be customized for any occasion.

Final verdict

The brand new version, model 2019 is one of its kind. Especially if you need someone to laugh with or go on a trip. She is proven to have one of the best road trip playlists. She can be easily brought with Chocolate, Prosecco, kindness and effort however, the first two are not mandatory. Overall, model no 2019 is a progressive and versatile version and we look forward to see what the next ones have to offer.



2 thoughts on “Model no. 2019: Review

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  1. Wishing Model no. 2019 a more prosperous, joyous, smarter year ahead than Alexa, Siri, GH. May she write more such creative pieces. Way to go.


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