Safe Space

I will be your safe space.

When your shoulders are weary.

When the sun rises much later than it should.

You’re strong,

Stronger than most.

Stronger than the best.

But even the strongest are allowed to be tired,

When you do, you will find rest with me.

I will be open and empty,

For you to pour and drain

To unleash and unload,

The storms of the day,

The tears of the night,

The things that people say,

When you no longer have the might.

I will be brimming and full,

For you to draw and derive,

To rejuvenate and refresh,

With calm and peace,

With light from the sun,

So the pain can gently cease.

You’re brave.

Brave enough to build your own dreams,

To strip away the cushioning and feel the rough road below you.

Braver than most,

Braver than the best.

But even the brave, are allowed to come home.

To put down their luggage and have a cup of tea.

To talk about how hard it’s been,

How long the road was,

To talk about how your back is sore from carrying the weight,

To let it all go,

To drift away,

To finally come home,

Into my heart,

And into your safe space.



This piece which I call ‘safe space’ is a dedication to the most special person in my life who plans to leave home and set a new base very soon, to start a new life in a new country, for the very first time.



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