3 must try places in Colva, South Goa for the breakfast-lover

On the very first day of college back in Pune 4 years ago, as every first day of college goes, we had to come up to the front of the class and introduce ourselves. Oh the horror! I can cook up a personality and introduce a rock if I had too but 22 years of existence on Earth and I shudder at the thought of introducing myself. Luckily for me, I was born in Goa and that fact in itself is enough for people to think that I might be slightly interesting.

So I just proudly proclaim, “My name is Aurene, and I’m from Goa!” The class breaks into a frenzy of hooting and applause as my new batch mates tell me how lucky I am while I make my way back to my seat.

Most people assume being a Goan I would know all the hottest psychedelic rave parties happening in town. Truth is, I have not the slightest clue. I haven’t attended a single rave party nor have I been to any of the mainstream clubs. My grandmother will wait outside our home and fret if I am not home by 9 pm you see.

Moreover, I live in a lazy little south Goan village called Benaulim. We nap for two hours in the afternoon and sit with a cup of tea in our verandas and chat with our neighbors. I for one completely agree with this lifestyle. Every time I come to Goa I feel like I’ve pulled the brakes on the universe like the emergency brakes in public trains and buses and in those moments I just vacuum life in, taking in all the sights, sounds and colours around me.

Hence, I might not be the best person to give you the directions to the most happening parties but if you are a foodie like me I can tell you the best places to go to for a sumptuous, fulfilling, soul satisfying breakfast, the most important and personally, my favourite meal of the day!

South Goa can be a little slow but upon exploring the coastal regions of Colva and Benaulim I found these precious little breakfast places:

Mon Petit Frere

Mon Petit Frere, located in Colva opposite Our Lady of Merces Church is a tiny café which serves breakfast all day. They have a limited menu but we loved everything we tried. We ordered a big breakfast, bacon grilled cheese sandwich, some cinnamon French toast and some delicious lattes to gush it all down.

The big breakfast is rightly big and greasy. It had two slices of toast, two eggs cooked your way, slices of bacon, mushrooms sautéed to perfection, a nice long juicy side of goan chorizo, grilled tomatoes and some butter for your toast. My tummy was very proud of me that day!

Victoria Patisserie

What’s with so many French themed cafes in Colva? Whatever it is, it’s definitely something right. Located on the road from Colva to Margao, the Patisserie had all the main stream pop culture songs playing but they were all French covers making everything sound so romantic. I might start listening to French music too. You could curse me French and I would still find it romantic.

I visited Victoria’s with my favourite foodie partner in crime, Ryan. We didn’t eat to our usual capacities since we had to save space for some lovely crab curry that my Mom prepared at home so we ordered some prawn patties and a brownie cheesecake. The brownie cheesecake was tasty but alright, however, the prawn patties were to die for. Savoury – 1 Sweet – 0!

We decided to pack some for my little brother but ended up eating them too on our way back! Sorry Allan!

This is one place that I really will come back to probably to their other, bigger outlet in the heart of Margao because they have so many more things that my tummy is yet to sample, from pastries, burgers to milkshakes after which I will probably edit this post to do more justice to the variety Victoria’s has to offer.

IMG_4753 (1)

The Daily Roast

Just as you enter into Colva from Benaulim you will find a small tiny café with beautiful white French doors. (French again? I’m in heaven!)

The Daily Roast is a coffee shop and a salad bar. Its interiors spoke petite and delicate with earthy accent colours of sky blue and brown. It was the perfect place to get your Ipad or Laptop and work, brainstorm or get your creative juices flowing. The place had a corner for a vinyl record player, a bookshelf where you could pick some interesting bestsellers for your literary pleasure and of course, WiFi!

I brought my family this time and they loved the little coffee shop, my brother, a talented photographer found the place aesthetically pleasing and made it his muse for the morning.

They had an extensive list of hot and cold beverages but we ordered some flavoured lattes like vanilla and cookie chip with some hearty sandwiches, avocado tuna melt, Peri Peri and a bacon with cheese and tomato. The lettuce in the sandwiches had a delicious dressing and the tomatoes were sweet and fresh! The bread used were aromatic, wide buns, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside and bacon as always, tasted like Manna from the heavens!

I didn’t order any salads because I don’t ever eat healthy in the morning but soon enough when I can’t zip my pants up anymore I will come back for the salads!

P.S. The pictures from The Daily Roast were taken by my little brother which is why they are way better than the ones above taken by yours truly. Follow him on instagram @allan.j.fernandes


For now this is my tiny list. Hold on till I’m done experimenting with lunch and dinner and come up with a new list for you to try out in dainty little South Goa.

Till then, please feel free to share some of your suggestions with your fellow breakfast lover!


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