The weekend

My weekend began with a road trip up the winding Qantab road to a beach club at Sifah. It was the stuff of dreams to think that my trips to this Beach club called ‘The Bank’ were starting to become a routine every week.
It was the second time this June that we made this trip and it’s a routine I definitely wouldn’t mind.
The place had a small bar, a DJ and an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean and the ocean, in turn, overlooks the mountains. The crowd was multi-cultural, all in their own zones, some with smaller groups of friends and some with larger.
The intention of all was the same. To get away, away from the city, away from their jobs, their obligations, to float in a pool nestled somewhere in the Omani mountains, with a seascape in the background.
From 5 pm to around 10 pm, a group of friends and I discovered our laziest potential with a can of beer, simply floating in the pool, talking, watching the yachts bobbing up and down across the sea, playing games and simply just letting go. The sun was beginning to set on us and maybe it was just me, but everything beautiful just transforms into ethereal at night. Its beauty elevates times ten.
The moon began to make an appearance and it was so much brighter and bigger, we probably felt that way because we were at a higher altitude but it didn’t seem too far off. Maybe if someone shot me off a giant slingshot I would actually reach it. Maybe grab some stars and stuff them in my pockets on my way down. I imagined all of this as I floated in the pool watching the sky until my friend began splashing water on me and I paused my daydreaming to counter the attack.
I’ve been fortunate enough to see a lot of pretty things along the span of my life, both people and places, however, the moon still hasn’t even flinched from first place.
Soon enough, we had to drag our overly relaxed bodies like lifting heavy weights, somehow dry ourselves up and begin our journey downhill.
I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for how great my day went. Surrounded by my closest friends in what I could easily rank as one of Oman’s most beautiful places. Not a lot of people are fortunate enough to sort of, “pause” their lives even on the weekends. It’s not like I dread the ordinary days. The ordinary overwhelms me and teaches me in its own ways, but I’m just thankful for the extraordinary ones.
I don’t think my mom or dad ever just took off from the city every weekend when they were younger. They must have taken the day off but my privilege definitely outweighs what they had to settle with. I firmly believe in the importance of taking a breath, a break from your rat race to see how amazingly far you’ve actually come. That can often be inaccessible to most people, hence from there stems my gratitude. Whatever way yours might be, reading a book, going to the movies or even going dancing, immerse yourself, because, in that moment, it couldn’t possibly get better.

For Clinton, Clayton, Austin, Sheldon and Princess (she isn’t a real Princess that’s just the name she was given!)

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