I found a picture of my late grandfather under my grandmother’s pillow while I helped her take her eye drops one night before helping her into bed.

Besides the old worn out photo she also kept a piece of his clothing under her pillow.

She’s in a long distance relationship with “Pai”, I thought to myself.

She told us once that she meets Pai in her dreams.

She suffers from back aches and Pai once told her to change her mattress in a dream she had of him.

She got it done immediately.

“Mai” as we lovingly call her, often made me wonder what goes through her mind.

She isn’t the most expressive person, she won’t tell you love stories about Pai but the way she mentions him in everyday mundane conversations made me realize how he continues to live through her.

It makes me think if sometimes, love like this is almost divine.

No longer of this realm, as it continues to strive past earthly boundaries and into a heavenly kingdom.

To have lived with and loved someone, through a lifetime you experience a little bit of magic right here on earth.

When you can’t tell between the two souls and the only thing that differentiates them are bodies of the flesh,

It makes me believe my grandparents are one soul and have always been.

I believe their love created magic as it transcends earthly boundaries and right past divine gates.

I believe I’m lucky because I am fruit of this immortal love and I was brought up right in its midst.

Luckier because I see the same divinity in my parents,

Luckiest because it lives on through me.


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