People who inspire me: A series


Sometimes, people just ease themselves into your life, and this one… Well I didn’t even realise when he slid into the cracks of my life, fixed them, befriended my demons and began painting my world with colours I had never known to have existed.

Say hello to Ryan.

6 feet tall,

Curly hair,

Playful eyes,

Cracks terrible jokes,

And he’s always munching on something.

Ryan is someone who believes in himself. He believes he can do anything.

And he can.

Sometimes, his obnoxious positivity would choke me, but slowly I’m learning to breathe.

Certain events in my life had led to me to default to just feeling sorry for myself in times of trouble, like most people. Fighting the sorrow felt like a battle that I only kept losing. Until I realised all those battles lost only made me stronger, and soon enough it wasn’t even a battle anymore.

Ryan, a software engineer, cycles to work, the Siemens’s headquarters in Pune, 15 kms every morning…and back.

He Co-ordinates JY, a movement which supports and mentors a bunch of youth in their endeavours to become their best selves. The best part is, he actually enjoys doing all this. While It takes me approximately 2 hours to just find my socks in the morning, let alone reach work on time!

And when we go dancing, there isn’t a song that we can’t dance to. We may look like a bunch of hyenas suffering from seizures, but that’s never stopping us!

Of course there were days where I’ve soaked Ryan’s T-shirts in my tears (which were never because of him by the way)

There’s always something to cry about either ways. On those days, he told me, “Pray”.

While prayer is something I tend to question in a world where one needs to squint their eyes to look for hope, I still prayed. I tried at least.We prayed together, and while our problems still persist, we just know, we’re going to be okay.

I don’t know what I did to have some one like a Ryan in my life, and I really don’t know what I did for him to love me the way he does but I consider myself blessed.

While most of us are lucky enough to find love, I think my stars were luckier for I get inspired, everyday. Inspired to take on something bigger, whether or not I actually am successful is another story altogether. Taking on something bigger however, doesn’t mean you have to be the President of a country, or lead a campaign to end hunger in Somalia. It could just mean today, you forgave someone who you never would otherwise or learnt to make a new type of cake. (Dessert always counts!)

And ofcourse, if you do plan on becoming the President/Prime Minister of a country. Let me know, I sure will vote for you, and Ryan will too.


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