Polaroid heart

“What would I find if I could have a little peek into your heart?”

She asked as she took pictures of me on her Polaroid.

Half drunk, how does one answer such a question?

She was unusual, yet here I was, staring straight into her eyes as I leaned in further,

Gulped another sip of that cheap wine we picked up from the grocery store.

“I’ve got a Polaroid heart, and you’d find a million pictures of you,

From yesterday and the day before and the first time we met to right now.

Your sadness, and from the time you baked cookies for all the kids in the building,

Every memory, all the songs we’ve danced to, all the sunsets we watched together, they’re all there”

She looked at me and giggled, poured me another glass of wine.

“Isn’t this wine good?” she squeaked, as she captured my drunken smile on another Polaroid picture.wine-890371_1920


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