Kiara doesn’t actually know 

The girl just doesn’t know what lies ahead of tomorrow,

Or what to have for breakfast.

She doesn’t know if she can hold her tears in longer,

Or her laugh in a serious situation.

She’s not sure if she remembers her own phone number better,

Or the bohemian rhapsody.

She doesn’t know if she should work hard, build a future,

Or forget everything and go backpacking and collect a bookmark from every country.

She wonders if the stars,

Look down upon the city and wish on city lights.

She wonders if the sickly old lady on the street got home safe,

And she wonders if she’ll ever grow that old.

She doesn’t know if she’s worse at public speaking,

Than she is at math.


She’s always been bad at both.

But besides that, the child just doesn’t know.


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