Temptations in the Ballroom

He didn’t know what shone brighter, her eyes 

Or the diamond studded wreath adorning her neck.

He didn’t know if he was in love with her mind,

Or the silhouette of her curves.

She was a storm, yet his saving grace. He was the runner, she was the winning race.

Pause. Breathe.

Stop running in your mind, listen to the waltz playing behind.

She’s looking at you.

Gazing. Drowning her thoughts in another bottle of wine.


 Take a step back, she’s reading your mind.

Now he went on, he held her. Danced just like he loved her.Firm yet passionate. 

While he tried not to fall for the temptress in those angel eyes.

They swayed in the night as they rose over the crowd, the music and to the cosmos.

Leaving the cacophony below, they drifted above…

As he wondered,

“Is it possible to lust the one you love?”


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