The Emperor’s Daughter

Watch her sleep, Cushioned in love,¬†fluff and a purple velvet blanket. Gold linen curtains and an ivory canopy, filtering the room of nightmares, aiding her sacred slumber. The Emperor's daughter , sorrowful princess, velvet-clad. Beautiful as the sun, she was dawn's glory yet birthed hell's fire. Embrace her paradoxical charms, for she thrived on nothing... Continue Reading →


Just another one of Sarah Kay’s impactful poems: Love letter from a toothbrush to a Bicycle Tire

Sarah Kay has always been one of my favourite poets, making an impact through simplistic yet revolutionary story-telling. Thought I'd share one of my favourite pieces by her. Love Letter from Toothbrush to Bicycle Tire They told me that I was meant for the cleaner life, that you would drag me through the mud. They... Continue Reading →

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