Two little pools of honey

Out of the blue,

Unanticipating and unforseen,

I fell for you,

And I never finished falling.

Falling for, 

Your smile,

Your scars,

How you think you’re broken,

How you let your heart open,

To untold passions and secret dreams,

Midnight stories and silent screams.

Oh and how can I forget?

The way I fell in love with your eyes,

Honey hazel eyes.

Two little pools of honey,

Cradling in them an entire universe.

The stars in them formed constellations,

As to show me a picture.

A picture only my eyes could see,

Telling me stories of adventure and love,

Celestial beings and creatures above.

Which is why I want to stay,

To protect and be protected.

For when I studied your broken pieces they reminded me of mine,

As I realized the edges of my broken soul fit yours.

So honey hazel eyes,

Two little pools of honey,

Let me in that universe, 

Don’t keep it buried. 



The jump

Finally she was above everyone else. Drifting, floating above bowed heads weeping over her pale corpse.

Surprised to see there were people besides her parents. She tried to tell ma she  was perfectly fine.

“Don’t cry ma.”

And for the first time ever, ma was deaf to her pleas.

She looked up to see more people pouring into the Church as regret began pouring into her soul.

She drifted around helplessly. She screamed at her corpse, “wake up, tell them you’re okay!”

But that body of hers was frozen, locked and denied of this realm.

“I wish I didn’t make that jump” She thought as she began dissolving into oblivion.

Not heaven, not a blissful solitude she was expecting but bitter, painful oblivion.