Praying man


I watched him pray, this young man of hope.

With eyes humbly closed,

He joined his palms, close to his heart,

as if to cradle,

a few pieces falling apart.

I fixed my gaze on the praying man

and wondered what he was praying for.

Could it be for his family

or for himself,

This man had me wondering all to myself.

Was he offering gratitude

or beseeching forgiveness?

Maybe a prayer for the world,

and the ones who cried,

Or wishing for strength like the ocean’s tide?

He transcended from chaos to bliss as he prayed on,

through the night that preceded another dawn,

The breeze softly brushed his ebony hair,

as the angels shielded him from evil’s lair.

He was  peaceful,

yet inside him there was a storm that raged.

He was a beautiful sight,

praying in a world ever outraged.

This praying man got me praying me too,

for a heart that is mighty and a mind that is true.

As I looked at him with longing eyes, I prayed for the praying man’s dreams to be fulfilled too.




Love rode a fire spitting dragon


She didn’t wait for the knight in shining armor,

because she knew her love was riding a fire spitting dragon.

She wouldn’t settle,

she would wait for the young dragon.

A precious creature, whose tears destroyed,

cutting through and burning enemy skin.

Its blood possessed the power to heal.

A silver suit and a pretty stallion couldn’t carry the weight of her heart

or her trunk full of dreams.

A prince could never fathom her ability to love,

a love that was raw like a fresh battle wound.

Radiating with pain but the victory made it worth many more wounds.

Her love was made for a rebel to devour, while he gently cradles her monsters, befriending them.

Oh and how could she leave behind the storm clouds that lived with her? Sometimes destroying, sometimes nourishing everything in its way.

So she decided to wait, till he arrived.

Her lover on a fire spitting dragon.

Flying across oceans, over the rainbows,

passed a cruel volcano, and to her doorstep.