To leave your ambitions for your dreams


White washed walls and wooden tables,

laptops and printers

upon buried fables.

The day wouldn’t begin without a coffee

and weekends wouldn’t end

without a kamikaze.


This was not his dream, nor his destination,

He grew up too early, from street fights to a foster home,

he funded his education.

This boy of nine had ambitions as big as his heart,

he filled it with dreams from which he’d never depart.

Today he sits at the top of the pyramid,

A company of his own just like he always wanted.

However wants and dreams seldom comply,

He now had the money, without anyone to stand by.

Awards and accolades, one following another,

He wished he had someone to live for, he wished he had a mother.

but as days went by he had enough,

his assets grew but his heart turned tough.

He wanted to explore and see the world,

maybe one day meet a beautiful girl.


So soon enough he took a big step,

he sold his business, his ambitions slowly had begun to ebb.

This man of dreams was still a boy of nine,

A man of will but his heart, benign.

He packed his bags to go on a trip,

it was a phase of life which he could not skip.

He left for the vivacious country of Cuba,

he met dancers and singers, drank red wine at a bar .

He found an interest that filled his heart,

it was a dance called Bachata that struck him from the start.

Every night he made it to the dance floor,

in no time he knew how to put on a master show.

Though he found a fulfilling passion,

he still felt a void of an oddly fashion.

He had the perfect life, he danced with pretty girls,

however true love was something yet to be heard.


One day he decided to go to a village far away,

to help children and save their day.

He sent them to school and gave them hope.

He helped them climb, life’s steep slope.

Until he met a pretty lady,

of olive skin and eyes deep emerald,

she rescued little girls from streets ever so shady.

She was beautiful in so many ways,

her heart was so big, her mind was a maze.

They worked together rescuing young girls,

They did their part to save the world.

Soon enough they fell in love,

he gathered the courage to ask her out,

on date where they went dancing till the sun had risen high above.

This man had finally found his dream,

a beautiful angel with a smile that gleamed.

To find someone with the same dreams and passions,

is to find magic in a cold world long forsaken.

So together they dreamt and made them come true,

together they danced and world never seemed blue.


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