Gypsy boy

I lived in a cave, he in a tree,
The world was one big forest,
The land was ours and free.

I shut my cave from the evils of the land.

But he knocked my door every dawn.

*knock knock*

“Cave girl, come see the color of the sand”

“The sand is white and filled with terrible creatures” I say.

Go away gypsy boy.

*knock knock*

“Cave girl, come see the twinkling stars”

“The stars are shiny and old, and monsters lurk in the darkness” I say.

Go away gypsy boy

*knock knock*

“Cave girl, come ride my pony with me”

“Your pony isn’t safe and I may fall down”, I say

Go away gypsy boy.

“Oh Gypsy boy, can’t you see,
why I live in a cave and you in a tree.
These walls they keep me safe mightily,
From the many dangers that run wild and free”.

That was the last time he came knocking at my door,
but i got lonely for my Gypsy boy didn’t knock any more.
Days and weeks went passing by,
It rained and I heard my old heart cry

I had to get back to my gypsy boy,

So I broke down my cave wall,
And he was still there standing tall.
“oh cave girl” he cried,
I gave you my all,
All you had to do was break that wall.

Come on now, hold my hand,
Together We’ll rule this free land,
Now love will be our only weapon,
If the worst should ever happen”

So he and i, we ran away.
To a place that snowed in the middle of may,
We were one now, gypsy boy and girl.
Two gypsies ruling one big world.


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