The Prince of Utopia

An arduous day has passed me by,

a day lost in hard labor,

Now I wait for him to take me away

to a place not known on paper.


This prince of mine,

of Utopian blood,

is divine in all his reign.

His body like us,

a mold of mud,

though carved to curb any pain.


I watch as he carries a mountain,

well above his throne.

My weary eyes trace his veins,

his back, inked  arms,

those muscles he grows of stone.

He is the master of all things mighty,

and I am a lowly soul,

Though it brings me great pride to say,

How humbly I make him whole.


My Utopian Prince knows little of love,

but smiles when I pass his way.

He swore to protect me with his colossal strength,

As long as his nights turn to day.


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