Gypsy boy

I lived in a cave, he in a tree, The world was one big forest, The land was ours and free. I shut my cave from the evils of the land. But he knocked my door every dawn. *knock knock* “Cave girl, come see the color of the sand” “The sand is white and filled... Continue Reading →


The Prince of Utopia

An arduous day has passed me by, a day lost in hard labor, Now I wait for him to take me away to a place not known on paper.   This prince of mine, of Utopian blood, is divine in all his reign. His body like us, a mold of mud, though carved to curb... Continue Reading →

Angry Feminists

There is a general stereotype around feminists being angry. FemiNazis we call them. Angry enough to start a fundamentalist organization. (I truly hope that never materializes) but you'll find a lot of jokes about angry, shorthaired, feminists burning the streets of the patriarchal society we live in on the internet too. If not angry what... Continue Reading →

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