The color she will never grow too old for.
From her first doll’s dress to the lipstick shade that stained virgin lips red.


on tougher days,

Made her shine out from the blacks, browns and grays.

A saving grace,

From world that tried to tame her.

The color of her eyes when adversity almost claimed her

The aura of scars,

The color of unhealed bruises and burning stars

Different shades of open flesh,

New blood stains on an old summer dress

on better days,

The natural blush he leaves on her cheeks,

Cherry blossoms in sweet summer breeze

But most of all,

Pink was the color of her soul in this forsaken monochrome world

Against the rumors, plots and lies that get sold
among drowning clouds at dusk with a tint of gold

It was the colour of love,

the love in her heart that always brought her home


An ode to my dancing lover

You should know Her body can talk

every move can tell you a story.

Play her some music 

And she’ll tell you hers.

Grace in her hips,

And eyes that love fiercely.

Her waist imitates

The sway of autumn leaves, 

As they chant a love spell 

While she ignores your desperate pleas.

Her cleavage will remind you of the road,

that took you home from war 

To the homely refuge of her breasts,

A Saving grace from afar. 

Long wavy hair 

Falls against her back, flows through her chest,

Beautifully curtaining all her sacred crevices.

Each body part is another note,

An instrument on her own.

She twirls to reveal

The scars on her hips, 

The scent of her lips, 

The curve of her neck,

The magic in each step.

Lust or love,

Is for you to decide.

Just now or magically forever,

She will be by your side.

A puzzle of music notes

Darling, Our hearts are a puzzle.
A puzzle of music notes.

Some of our pieces are lost,

And some have been broken at a heavy cost.

I can’t find my DO, RE and MI,

And you have lost your FA, SO, LA and TI,

But darling it’s okay,

Please hold on

Together our hearts will make a new song. 

The art of shining 

Why must you shine only when you know you will be seen? Be like a star, 

She shines all through bright summer days.

Even though her twinkle is infinitesimal among the sun’s mighty rays.

Because, She knows when her time comes, the sun will hide away. 

Fearless as she is, She does not run from the sun’s glorious wonder.

For If she does,

 “who will we wish upon?”, 

Some hopeful souls will ponder.