The color she will never grow too old for. From her first doll's dress to the lipstick shade that stained virgin lips red. Pink. on tougher days, Made her shine out from the blacks, browns and grays. Pink, A saving grace, From world that tried to tame her. The color of her eyes when adversity... Continue Reading →


An ode to my dancing lover

You should know Her body can talk every move can tell you a story. Play her some music  And she'll tell you hers. Grace in her hips, And eyes that love fiercely. Her waist imitates The sway of autumn leaves,  As they chant a love spell  While she ignores your desperate pleas. Her cleavage will remind... Continue Reading →

Christmas Morning

As I awoke This Christmas morning With my body warm And my heart imploring  For you to stay, Right by my side  Until next Christmas  Passes us by.

A puzzle of music notes

Darling, Our hearts are a puzzle. A puzzle of music notes. Some of our pieces are lost, And some have been broken at a heavy cost. I can't find my DO, RE and MI, And you have lost your FA, SO, LA and TI, But darling it's okay, Please hold on Together our hearts will... Continue Reading →

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