a celestial spectacle.
In fear of whom,
the planets align.
Lo and behold

Ye be fearful
for she is a warrior woman.
Bearer of a mutant heart.
Slayer of kings,
she brought home their heads,
whilst her hands purified,
in the blood of her foes.

Her aura set the skies ablaze,
among the mighty Gods of war.
Blessed are those who seek shelter,
in her iron fortress.

Lover of none,
though lusted by all.
Student of none,
though teacher of all.

O King David!
Lay your eyes upon her,
and give birth to another psalm.

Revengeful Queen,
Drown the men,
who have vowed to treachery.
Drown them in the lava
that fall as tears from your eyes,
ever so mystical, ever so sorrowful.

Poison their souls and save us.
Lo and Behold!


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