How to tame your demon.

How to tame your demon… You Don’t!
Hold him by his horns and say thank you.
Thank him for the time he pushed you off the cliff
You learnt to fly.
Thank him for the time he covertly led you to the man who vowed to love you but ripped your heart apart that the remnants of your flesh are still stuck in his nails. Thank him, for now your heart has scar tissue and we all know that scar tissue is tougher than mere skin.
Thank him for the day he got people to stab you in the back, now you own a collection of knives which you sharpen every day.
Thank him for letting you believe that shots at the bar were good for you, because now you’re no one’s cup of tea, you’re a flaming shot that could burn their throats.
Thank your dear demon for tying your hands together behind your back because now the veins in your arms are never too weak to pump enough blood into your fists to fight him back.

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