Ash-stained lips

I met a girl with ash stained lips, ash from her burning cigar, ash from her burning soul, floating in midnight air, settling on the heart of a monster disguised as a lover. I am a boy with an ash stained heart ash from the letters she burnt. letters to her. letters I wrote. letters... Continue Reading →



He scares her so much, that when her knees tremble She sees the stars change their place in the sky. He makes her so insecure that she's lost faith in the sun to rise. He's made her so vulnerable, when the clouds float in the sky She feels they're after her. She has fallen for... Continue Reading →

How to tame your demon.

How to tame your demon... You Don't! Hold him by his horns and say thank you. Thank him for the time he pushed you off the cliff You learnt to fly. Thank him for the time he covertly led you to the man who vowed to love you but ripped your heart apart that the... Continue Reading →


"but how do I forget about you?" Keep yourself busy he told her, go out. Sing a song and maybe dance along. So she did. And Every song she sang, she sang for him And every time she danced, she moved to the rhythm of his distant heartbeat.

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