The plea of a writer with a writer’s block

The only defense to a chattering mind is the calm of a quiet soul. Which is why I write. My words are derived from the solitude of my being. In those moments the aimless chatter of the mind ceases momentarily. Oh but I can only imagine the joy of basking in that quietude constantly, even... Continue Reading →


The truth about being the “bigger person”

“Be the bigger person” The above line is a very common piece of advice given by your well-wishers when you’re down and out about an issue or an argument that you may have had with another person. I have been told this so many times and I believe in it too. There is so much... Continue Reading →

Ryan’s Pet Tiger

10 year old Ryan grabbed a bunch of his clothes and shoved it in his little backpack in a jiffy as he prepared to spend the holidays at his grandparents’ home in Ambernath, a little town outside of Bombay. He couldn’t wait to hop on the train to finally be with grandma, grandpa and all... Continue Reading →

Asifa’s prayer

I never thought I’d ever fall asleep without mama singing me a lullaby, But don’t worry mama I sleep just fine here, They let me take the horses out to graze any time I want now. It’s my favourite thing to do. I play with the ponies and splash in the streams, I run with... Continue Reading →


When I meet someone new and try to make an awkward attempt at introducing myself, besides my basic biography (name, what I’m doing, where I studied, where I live,) I almost always end it with, “So you know? my home in Goa is just by the beach, you should come sometime!” I was born there, even... Continue Reading →

Big Things

Me and you? Yeah, we’re going to do big things. You see the crescent moon up there ? We’re going to be sitting on its edge, watch the stars as they stage their nightly show. Big things, Because we were born with hearts that have walls that move, To make space for the sun and... Continue Reading →

A handwritten letter in 2013

5 years back, my family encountered a peculiar event. Believe or not, but we received a letter. Handwritten on what looked like pages torn from a notebook, with random blotches of ink, sealed in an envelope complete with a postage stamp. Yes, a letter in 2013. For a millennial child, receiving a letter by post... Continue Reading →

Kiara goes candid

It’s been a while since I updated KiaraKnows with a story or a poem but today I thought, maybe I should go candid and talk about what I have been up to lately. For the past couple of weeks I have been practicing meditation at a very basic level. Just simple breathing exercises, I thought... Continue Reading →

People Who Inspire Me: A series

My Dad Mr. Cool was what his friends would call him in his younger days, because he never, ever lost his cool. Dad remained calm in any situation he found himself in, it didn’t matter if he was being scorned or if someone on the road scratched the paint of his pristine baby, his Toyota... Continue Reading →

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