A tale of goodbyes

He let me go with a hug and a kiss and surprisingly I was proud of myself for not sobbing and staining my cheeks and his new shirt with my tears. Then, He turns his back. Walks past the sliding doors. Out of the terminal. The doors shut behind him and Boom! The waterworks at... Continue Reading →


To the girl I saw sobbing on the bus

  If you’ve just had a bad day that snowballed into the perfect disaster, Or If you might have gotten your heart broken, Whatever it might be, for now I wish I could tell you that you’re sitting in a spot of the bus where the sun is shining the brightest. And if you’re on... Continue Reading →

Model no. 2019: Review

With an extension on the perseverance scale and a larger capacity to trust, the brand new Aurene model no. 2019 has made her debut late Tuesday afternoon after the sun shone too bright through her curtains. Model no. 2019 has a brand new GPS system and an inbuilt tracker, which ensures she will never get... Continue Reading →

I can imagine

A birthday poem for my Dad.I can imagine myself, as a 45 year old, still full of life and powering on. I can imagine myself coming home from work, earlier than the usual to help the kids with a project. And I have no clue how to help them (I assume because it’s math) so... Continue Reading →

Safe Space

I will be your safe space. When your shoulders are weary. When the sun rises much later than it should. You’re strong, Stronger than most. Stronger than the best. But even the strongest are allowed to be tired, When you do, you will find rest with me. I will be open and empty, For you... Continue Reading →

Salted Caramel

One of the best things about making new friends is that these new people are in the process of getting to know you better, and in their process of studying you, you learn something new about yourself too. Upon having breakfast with a few new friends, one of them pointed out that I have a... Continue Reading →

Snow Globe Dancers

The ripe old age of eighty-eight was no excuse to be sitting down watching other couples dance to beautiful live music. Papa was eighty-eight and me well, twenty-two. He is the father of my God-father. He had just waltzed with his lovely wife to Old Portuguese fados and came back to his seat for a... Continue Reading →

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